About Us


Founded ten years ago as DEMUS (Dark Electronic Music Underground Society), our early focus was to provide an online home and collaborative platform to genre-specific digital musicians.  A dedicated group of artists from Australia and the United Kingdom joined forces and forged strong friendships, sharing content through a customised php-nuke portal.

Through growth and involvement in other media, DEMUS and it’s sidekick CD sales site Dark Stereo, were closed and re-established in 2012 as Dawn Industry, thereby offering us flexibility to work with artists, musicians, writers and colleagues through a greater range of shared interests.

Our ongoing projects are designed to provide opportunities for groups and individuals to have their creations seen, heard, exposed and appreciated. Our endless mission is to explore and expand awareness to underground art, street culture, music, literature and beyond, through avenues including online communication, live performance events, festivals, audiovisual compilations, mash-ups, gatherings and more.