Fresh Meat

Rare are the days of hard copy CD releases in the community, and rarer still are debut works by some of Dawn Industry’s most long term members. It is with great pleasure that we bring news of a day many have waited for, indeed for several years. Long term member and supporter Duncan of solo industrial noise project BasticH, spread his wings a few years back, and established a full band lineup with Zamir (previously known for his work as frontman in Melbourne electronic industrial outfit Electro Kore). With regular concerts around all corners of Victoria, and an unstoppable dedication, their project Mass Rejection appears to be hitting terminal velocity, upwards. Pushing on through lineup alterations and life changes which would have obliterated many an underground project over the years, Mass Rejection stayed at the controls, and drove headlong through anything in their path.

Ignoring the current trend to just release work digitally, and invest little in promotion or backup, Mass Rejection is doing it old-school, and we love it. This is the new form of counter-culture, an EP release, in CD format, professionally mixed and recorded after months of sweat and tears. A designed and physical sonic object for the long term.

This evening is the release event for the guys, and we can’t wait to get our hands on a copy, and bring you a full review later down the track. Once the options for obtaining the album are made public, we will let you know where you can get your hot little hands on a copy.

If you seek a tight and heavy performance, and enjoy hanging out with some of the most down to earth and friendly people around, we encourage you to come along. Don’t reject the opportunity. Embrace it!


A Recommendation – Togetherapart

Greetings Friends,

We wanted to share a Melbourne electronica project which we have been really enjoying listening to a lot the last few weeks, after a tip from our friends at DevilMonkey.

Togetherapart create really wonderful melodic work, with electronic drums, female vocals and a very catchy fusion of slow paced modern style. We purchased their debut EP (available at Bandcamp), on a whim, and highly recommend it to any listeners who enjoy mellow, pristine and thought provoking music. It is really symbolic of some of the excellent independent music being made in this city. These days I have begun to really appreciate a lot of less industrialised or aggressive music, and love the trip-hop and dreamy styles presented in this release. Something to turn on, sit back, and ponder.

We are really proud to have them performing at Enzyme XIX in April, and look forward to checking out their constantly evolving live show incorporating laptops, sequencer, sampler, iPad, guitar, bass, vocals, and effects.




Greetings friends, supporters, members, friends, romans, countrymen, lend us your ears, so that the wonderful musicians out there can probe them with everything from sweet harmony, to brutal noise.

2015 is going to be a big year for many of the Dawn Industry projects, and we have been working hard migrating some of the sites to new homes, running updates, restoring archived material, and getting some events sorted. That’s correct, I’ve left the previous day job which was fucking us over, and back on track with life intact. Returning to activity after a few years off has led to a pile of things to carefully think about… Restructure? Deploy? Destroy?

So here’s wassup at the moment:



A few months ago (more like a few years ago) a few of our members started bitching about Facebook (OMG!), and leaving Facebook in general. We predict that this will be an ongoing theme and variation this year, so we have re-established an independent social network. If you are involved in Dawn Industry projects, hop on over to the site at and get stuck into building your profile, connecting with musical friends, and promoting your news, live events and any opportunities the community can share. If you are not an existing contributor, feel free to join an easygoing and openminded group of artists who enjoy helping each other out. We hope you don’t feel alienated by the lack of targeted avertising.



Just a few weeks ago Enzyme 18 was held at Horse Bazaar. A really nice gathering of talented synth, experimental, visual and genre destroying artists got to show off their toys and present their fine work. I had the pleasure of meeting James of DevilMonkey at the event, and he has been instrumental (excuse the pun) in recommending some of the fantastic artists booked to perform at Enzyme 19

Put this one in your calendar, because its going to go off like a sock in a frog.




If there is one thing we’ve learned the last few years, its that backing up and hosting massive download files is a pain in the butt. Given that physical copies of Demus Compiled I, II and III are becoming scarce, a new Dawn Industry artist page has been delegated to the experts at Bandcamp, to act as a simple distribution system for the downloadable versions. We would love to run Dawn Industry as a Label on the site ($20 US a month anyone?), but for now its an artist page.



While waiting for the Demus compilation files to upload to Bandcamp, we gave the Minorarc website a new flick with the black and white brush. We are currently considering recording a new album this year, and working with Ben of Sleeplab as a guest live artist.

Well that’s it for now. Will write again before 2016…


Demus Compiled III – Call for submissions

Dear friends and supporters of Dawn Industry, it has been some 3 years since the last DEMUS CD compilation… can you believe it! Well we reckon its time to amaze, assault and astound listeners again, this time will our third release. With submissions due in a little over 2 months time, its time to get your sequencers ripping, your bands jamming and your tracks in before the due date – 1st June 2012. The main feature of this mix will be that only unreleased material will be published. We want the hammer to come down unexpectedly upon your ears, with a diverse slash of music previously unheard! We will be releasing the compilation as a digital download, and distributing via iTunes, Amazon and more…

To stay up to date with developments keep an eye on our facebook event. Tracks can be submitted via the facebook messaging system or contact us to arrange submission by CD or other media.

High Tide – New album from Cassandra’s Myth!

For many years Cassandra’s Myth has been one of Melbournes most secretive hidden musical gems… a project overflowing with talent, originality and an incredible ability to stun listeners every year with a new release of impeccable quality.

High Tide is in stark contrast to previous works of industrial pop oriented electronica, and comes from left field with beautiful accoustic pieces, laid back electronics and a massive spectrum of diversity. Blinding light and uplifting melody, ultra violet chiller electronics, all the way through to a darkness which is not in your face… but lurking, and only exposing itself one small area at a time. There is a lot that we could say about this incredible album… and our good friend reviewer Sean of Alternate Parallel Reality (and his online radio show) has written a review well worth a good few readings.

The album is a free download from the Cassandra’s Myth website… not many things of value are free in this world… and there is far greater value in the art within this album than any release we could imagine you would pay for. Download it, enjoy it, and let Ben know what you thought!!! We think he would very deeply appreciate your feedback and support. All hail Cassandra’s Myth!!! and thank you for your friendship…

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