Collaborative Writing

White Fields of Inox


Freeform fiction writing housed inside a dark homebrew world. Inox is set within the epic high fantasy genre with a touch of apocalyptic gritty urban horror. Our members work together to write from the perspective of several characters, detailing their development and actions. A Worldbuilder acts as a director to fill in story gaps, develop plots and describe general events. The digital pages are a constantly evolving fictional space, a relatively open-ended and ever evolving imaginary land. We encourage our writers to embellish the world with folklore, history, flora, fauna and geography as their characters take part in an epic story.

Red Rivers of Varox


Hosted at Myth-Weavers, Varox is a private technical fiction / role-play writing project, held together via the foundations of the D&D 5e system and it’s core mechanics. Varox may be ancient, but history is the banter of mindless wives, the song of entertainers and the gossip of unsubstantiated rumor conspirators. Before the comings of exploration and attempts at human civilization, it was a simple place. As simple as death itself. Raw heat burned in toxic ranges casting great ashes overhead, the suns lay smothered and rare outcrops untouched by magma saw temperatures plummeting. Once flourishing and varied flora and fauna met with a fork in the road. Change or Wither? The slow, the unadaptable, the weak, perished. The progressive, the quick-witted, the enduring, survived…