Compilation Albums

Our music community has collaborated and produced 3 compilation albums, over 6 CD length recordings featuring a massive range of musical styles. These albums are now available for download from Bandcamp.

ENZYME Audio & Visual Events


Enzyme is a semi-regular live performance opportunity for the public to enjoy Australian underground live music and visuals. Artists perform a diverse slather, including but not limited to; noise, experimental, avante garde, dark ambient, electronica, industrial, gothic, darkwave, trip hop, dark hip hop, metal and more. Events are organised only to benefit musicians and the artistic community.

Enzyme is solely funded by Dawn Industry, with crucial support from Infectious Unease Radio.
We are always on the lookout for new artists to perform, contact us. Please have a CD demo ready.



Progressive metal and experimental electronica production project. A sonic exploration of despair and regret, built through piano, guitar, bass and synthesis. A self-titled debut album “Minorarc” was released in 2010, and formed a relentless shift from earlier ambient and classical works (Mystral Tide project 1999-2010), into a new world of dusty grit and urban ruin.