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Isle of Narrows


Our final performance as Mystral Tide was...


The final Enzyme for 2010!

Live, local and friendly down to earth underground music, 2 floors of Industrial, Noise, Experimental, Dark Ambient music and visuals…

From 8pm, $8 at door
Blue Velvet 60 Smith Street, Collingwood VIC AU


Melbourne underground noise band Psych Carni have tortured audiences with confrontational gigs of “mechano-eroticism” for years throughout darkened venues around Australia. Reforming in 2005 for the Melbourne Teknikunst Festival, the band have continued to evolve; touring for The Under The Blue Moon Festival (Syd), The Dead Of Winter Festival (Bris), plus radio airplay in Los Angeles and a NME video award in the UK. Psych Carni have created a sonic battery by fusing elements of industrial, death rock and darkstep in the construction of a dynamic, physical totality.

A new project by Ivan Bullock (formerly recording as Mystral Tide). Enzyme 15 will not only be the first full band concert of all new material, but may also celebrate the release of the debut CD. Influenced by metal, piano driven classical music, electronica and breaks.

Couple two of the most unlikely hip-hop associates and you’ve got Anon Speak. Hailing from Melbourne, emcee Lakonic and producer DJ Fokus united in early 2008 to try and create a project that would not only delve into early 90′s boom bap, but combine it with a post modern, futuristic spin to concote a sound that would stand the test of time. Influenced by death, poetry, human nature, all types of music from dub to indie-rock and with a love of loathing and creativity, Anon Speak bring an abstract element to the Australian underground hip-hop scene. Already having supported the likes of Canadian emcee Classified and JJJ favourites Low budget, Anon Speak are quickly rising as they continue to break down hip-hop stereotypes and conventions to bring you a sound that is far from your average.

Diversity is key! Pselodux produces a wide range of music and constantly travels beyond genre boundaries with his unique electronic, ambient and dark synthetic worlds.

Came into existence in 1999 and has been dabbling in electronic music since; in lounge rooms and bedrooms, inspired by the mushroom.
Multi faceted, esoteric experimental electronica used as a vessel for discovering, inspiration to pour into and for anger to vent from.
Enzyme’s set will be semi-live and consists of experimental dystopian soundscapes/ambience/noize and industrial beats.

The notorious underground DJ Infectious Unease has been presenting Infectious Unease Radio and DJing at clubs since 1992. A member of Noir Corps, Demus, Dark Stereo (label) and Enzyme (live music events), who has recently released a 4 disc 62 band compilation with his label Infectious Unease Production. He is also a self published performance writer who has released such books as the 1997 The Cadaver Restaurant- A Menu Of Short Stories And Poems, The Deception Of Latex That Causes The Deepest Remark 2003, The Poet’s Eye 2005, Severed Eye 2010, Work On Cd Reflective Return Spoken Word By Gordon Taylor Music By Ernie.O 2003. A DJ who loves to explore a plethora of sound and explode it out on the air waves and clubs. DJ Infectious Unease has no fear of delivering a sound of surprise. You just never know what he will seduce, tantalise and drive all your five senses into. With these events he will be assaulting your senses with the sound of Trip Hop, Dubstep, Breakbeats, Drum and Bass, Electronic and hard edge Industrial.