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Isle Of Narrows


Isle of Narrows (2009) - Buy it from Bandcamp

A dark classical ambient and breaks driven journey into the mind of a conflicted being, in a world savaged by decay... This first run pressing is limited to 50 individually numbered copies. Double sided 2 page slick in PP clear case, 1x Gloss printed CD-R and 1x Gloss DVD-R.

The CD-R contains 10 tracks and 2 bonus tracks only available on this first pressing
The DVD-R video contains rare film, and mp3 versions of previous deleted albums now unavailable anywhere else.

In a new change of direction we extensively used electric violin and piano in this work.

Branches of Regret
The Error
Xerxes (Allegro)
The Decline of Logic
Dawn View
One Cold Day
Acute In Nil Minus
The Decline of Logic NJM Remix by Nigel J Moore


Demus Compiled II


Demus Compiled II (2009) - Buy it from Bandcamp

A definitive collection of underground dark, experimental and diverse music from Australia and the International Community. These discs feature a range of DEMUS (dark electronic music underground) and Darkstereo artists performing rare and previously unreleased material, Noise, Electro, Industrial, its all covered.

CD 1
Nosens - Novus Ordo Seclurum
eXItcITy - Half Asleep
Nigel J Moore - At the Gates of Eternity
Chiron - A Voice
Cassandra’s Myth - Mantrasol w
The Selfcentered Spacecadet - Alone
Oxygen - Voyager
Mystral Tide - Depreciated
Roses And Exile - The Nothing Lullaby
Death of Art - Anti-Valentine (Junk Sex Killer remix)
BasticH - Secret
Sarcophony - We are not your target audience
Alternate Parallel Reality - Don’t Make Me Come Down There
theunsoundproject - Phoenix (Death to the Dog)
Dead Unit - Dissolved World
Compressed Infinity - Fading Into The Void

CD 2
Harpy - The Morning Song
EYE - This System Will Eat Itself
Medicide - Take this to Numb the Pain
Sister Thing - Venereal Killer
Mental D-struction - Doomed
The Fallen Tides - Live at Blue Velvet
Noir Corps - City
Doll Disorganation - Sphinx Dewdrop
Dead Kid Harvester - Radiation
Secret Druid Society - Descending Under Water
Michael James Olson - Walking Quickly Closer
Manticle - Jesse, Colin & William
Sewer - Laugh
Translucent Illusion - Invoking The Restless
Bureau of Nonstandards - Texas Instrumental
Tartarus - Dark Seas of Taninim


Geometry of Loss


Demus Compiled (2008) - Buy it from Bandcamp

Collection of underground dark, experimental and diverse music from Australia and the International Community. These discs feature a range of DEMUS (dark electronic music underground) and Dark stereo artists performing rare and previously unreleased material, Noise, Electro, Industiral, its all covered. All profits from the sales of this release are injected directly back into the underground music community and the non-profit DEMUS organisation. The first pressing of this release all but sold out at the release party in Melbourne, so order a copy quick before delays relating to our ordering of a new batch.

01: Nigel J Moore - Nightmare
02: eXitcITy - The Road
03: Dark Organics - Luddite Blues
04: Alternate Parallel Reality - Store In A Cool Dark Place
05: Milkrun - The Droids Will Inherit The Earth
06: Cassandra's Myth - Game Over
07: Ninja Gaijin - Prevail
08: Gordon Taylor & Ernie O - The Eye
09: Noistruct - recorded threat
10: BasticH - Entropy
11: theunsoundproject vs BasticH vs Cassandra's Myth vs Mystral Tide - 4WAY19

01: Sarcophony - Dei Genitrix
02: Monkey Lung - Body Snatchers
03: Electro Kore - Pope Puppet
04: Harpy - Trauma
05: Manticle (Featuring Doll Disorganation) - Great Stories From The History Of English Maritime (Part I)
06: Noir Corps - City
07: Ben Taylor and John Murphy - London 2004 Live in Studio
08: theunsoundproject - Portal
09: Empty - Castrated (Delta Theta Projekt Remix)
10: Cain Syndrome - The Eye
11: Autonomous - Machines Are Your Friends
12: Oxygen - Points of Light
13: Mystral Tide - As The Wreath Falls


TV is bad for you


TV is Bad for You OUT OF PRINT

Fans of Sarcophony release their remixes to his hit release "This Venom", featuring two new rare tracks and no less than 7 remixes by an international slather of underground musicians.

Flesh Parade - Whore mix by Alternate Parallel Reality
Target Acquired - Schizoid Embolism mix by BasticH
Comfort - Tide of Comfort mix by Mystral Tide
No Need - Rocktronic mix by Nigel J Moore
Hush Hush - unsound mix by theunsoundproject
Bodies - Nekkid mix by Cassandras Myth
Target Acquired - Pwned Hardcore mix by BasticH


Geometry of Loss


Geometry of Loss (2007) OUT OF PRINT

Released on 31st August 2007.

Some 6 years since the last full album, Geometry of Loss features 3 discs: The album ( 12 tracks ) a second Remnants disc ( 8 tracks ) of unreleased, archived or isolated work, and a third disc Souls & Loss ( 12 tracks ) of remixes from international artists.




2XX Radio Electricity 2 Compilation OUT OF PRINT

Released through 2XX 98.3fm Community Radio Canberra, Australia.

Sampler CD of Canberran Beats and Bleeps, distributed by Blatant Propaganda

Fuselage: Babylon Approach
Ashley Feraude: Something New
e.l.f.: Our Musique live 2002
Mystral Tide: Acute in Nil
DJ Paf: Conflict
eye: The Invisible Government
Wax Audio: Disturbing Practices
Underscore: Last
Dotodot: Control Your Machines
DJ Citizen: Power... Media... Vast
Kimmo Vennonen: Mirage
Solaris: If a Centipede Could Skip
Somaya Langley: Shimmer



Dissonant Structures (Compilation 2002) OUT OF PRINT

Released by Cranial Fracture Recordings (Australia). Contains unreleased Mystral Tide track.

"The album focusses on more a noise edge, be it noisy beats or noisy drones, it shows an exemplary display of excellent material... Mystral Tide takes the elements of piano, samples, guitar and some healthy beats to create an excellent track." Primary.edw.com.au

Tracklist Disc One:
Radial: Tamper
dai: Huncop
Detritus: Detritus
Defused Fusion: Evil Express
Andraculoid: Kontrol.Ingest
Dive: Sidewalk sinner
Dioxyde: Scent of Flesh
Stark: Lifestyle
IWR: Victimized
Tankt: Bruises (body ripped)
Reality: Fusion
Mystral Tide: Hoxian Parallel
Analogue Tribe: Desert of the Real
Delta of Venus: Pierre et Martha
C/A/T: Noizemaker
Diverje: Disconnect (Converter remix)

Tracklist Disc Two:
Navicon Torture Technologies - Shatter my Spinal Cord
Suture F - Polar Lights
Isomer: Oriflamme
Mantichora: Bones on Fire
Screening: Alone suffering and screaming
Narc: Multi-variant
Lux Mammoth: On Killing
Suspicion Breeds Confidence: Uniform of a female mythology
Cordell Klier: Violet heresies riding aloof
Wilt: Day 4
Bloodflowers: Lantern waste
Vespertine: Cracklings
Savak - The Taliban Pistol
DVT - Ammunition (exit).


Whirlpool of Souls


Whirlpool of Souls (2001) OUT OF PRINT

Released through Zeitgeist Records.

"Rare are those artists who are making such an impression with a first album, but behind Mystral Tide there is a true musician who isnât afraid of breaking genreâs boundaries" ElectroAge

"A sad, brilliant masterpiece" New Empire - Album of the month February 2002

"A decidedly moody work influenced by industrial-oriented dance music, Whirlpool of Souls is a carefully constructed album that shows the results of Bullock's years of classical study" Metropolis Tokyo

Soul One: Abandoned
Soul Two: Lucid
Soul Three: Sinner
Soul Four: Isolation
Soul Five: Removed
Soul Six: Regression I
Soul Seven: Perseverant
Soul Eight: Distant
Soul Nine: Regression II
Soul Ten: Force
Soul Eleven: Regression III
Soul Twelve: Creation
Soul Thirteen: Return
+ bonus tracks.




Altercated (2001) OUT OF PRINT

Etchings (moon mix)
Reoccurrence (sub mix)
Daughter in the Groves (cut mix)
Inch by Inch
Square One
Tide Out
Orbit (demo)
Reoccurrence (demo)




Etchings (2000) OUT OF PRINT

Ultra limited Japan only Independent release.

Tide Out
Square One
Last Bloom of the Season
Daughter in the Groves




Moiety v2 (2000) OUT OF PRINT

Independent release*

End in Shards
August Hope
Cafe de la Extinction
Do it in





Independent release*

To All Gone
How Many Times




Moiety v1 (2000) OUT OF PRINT

Independent release*

End in Shards
Cafe de la Extinction
August Hope